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Alternative Format Materials

All brochures and schedules are available in large print and on computer disk from the Guest Services Booths.


Animals, with the exception of registered service animals, are NOT permitted into the Stadium.

Away Games (NFL)

Tickets for Giants or Jets games played on the road are not sold at MetLife Stadium.For more information visit our Tickets & Group Sales section.



Baby Changing Stations

Baby Changing stations are located in select restrooms located throughout the stadium. Please see “Restrooms” for Family Restroom locations.


Bottles and cans, excluding a factory sealed canned or plastic bottle of water or soft drink 20 oz or less in size, are prohibited from being brought into the Stadium. Any guest deliberately concealing alcohol which is found during the security screening process may be prohibited from entering the Stadium. Any guest found to be consuming from or in possession of a prohibited container inside of the Stadium may be subject to ejection.

Bus Parking

Bus parking is located in Lot L. Guests who attended an event on a chartered bus should exit from the MetLife or Pepsi Gates.




Handheld digital or film cameras, including Go Pro cameras, are permitted inside MetLife Stadium as long as their use does not interfere with other guests' enjoyment of the event. Tripods, monopods, "selfie sticks" and cameras with a lens longer than 6" (detachable or non-detachable) will NOT be permitted into stadium. Video cameras and video recording of events with other devices at MetLife Stadium are prohibited.

Car Trouble

MetLife Stadium provides basic car and towing assistance in all of the parking lots. This service includes: towing, battery charging and jump-starts, flat tire assistance and locked-in keys. Guests in need of this service should contact a parking lot team member for help, call the Guest Services Hotline at 201-559-1515 or text "Alert MLS" to 848261. Message and data rates may apply. SMS Terms & Conditions

Cash Free

MetLife Stadium is a cash-free venue. Cash is not accepted at concession stands or retail locations. Visa is the preferred form of payment at MetLife Stadium. Pay with a debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) using tap to pay, chip or swipe, or mobile payment, including Apple Pay and Google Pay. For guests who bring cash to the stadium, reverse ATMs are available onsite to load cash onto a prepaid Visa debit card valid for in-stadium purchases. This service is free of charge to guests. The Visa debit card has no expiration date and can be used anywhere a Visa debit card is accepted. Reverse ATMs are located in MetLife West Hall and sections 117, 128, 149, 220a, 245a, 304, 322, 334 and 347.


Catering is provided by Delaware North Sportservice.  This includes the parking lots and all areas of the stadium. Catered events on the Sports Complex must be services by Delaware North Sportservice exclusively.

Charging Stations

Mobile charging kiosks are conveniently located throughout the stadium for mobile devices in need of a boost. Locate a mobile charging kiosk and scan the QR code to rent a portable charger and take it with you on the go. Return to any kiosk when finished. Kiosks are located outside the stadium gates at all bag check trailers, on the Plaza Level in the East & West VIP Lobbies, on the 200 Concourse at Sections 227 & 249 and the West Mezzanine Club & Corona Beach Club elevator lobbies, and in the Ticketmaster Suite concourses at both the East & West Concierge Desks (levels 3, 5, 6).

Children’s Ticket Policy

Children up to 34" inches in height may enter MetLife Stadium free of charge but must share a seat with an accompanying ticketed adult. Occasionally, for select non-NFL events, another policy may be in place. 

Closed Captioning

All integral game information is captioned on the ribbon board below the Pepsi and HCLTech video screens. Captioning is also available on all televisions mounted on the section signs on the concourses. Game description is also available through the Assistive Listening System or FM broadcast.

During all Major Sporting Events, including all NFL games, guests may also visit stream the captions live to their mobile devices using the stadium free WiFi.  For those guests preferring not to use their own devices, tablets are available to check out for use from any Guest Services Booth or Concierge Desk.  For any other event, guests may request this service in advance by contacting the stadium to request this captioning service at least one week prior to the event.


Computers or tablets (i.e. iPads) are permitted if they are smaller than 12”x12”x12” in size and can be powered on during the security screening if requested, and are not in a case.

Concierge Desks

Concierge desks are located in all Club and Suite areas to assist guests with their needs. For guests needing similar assistance in the general seating bowl, please visit the nearest Guest Services Booth.

Credit Cards

MetLife Stadium Parking Toll Plazas and Ticket Office MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover credit/debit cards with embedded microchips. MetLife Stadium Parking Toll Plazas and Ticket Office will no longer accept "swiped" credit/debit card transactions.

Concessions stands and retail stores at MetLife Stadium accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Tap to Pay.



Designated Driver Program

During NFL games, Designated Driver kiosks can be found on the Plaza Level inside of the HCLTech, Verizon, MetLife and Pepsi Gates. Guests may also sign up for the program at any Guest Services Booth through the end of the first quarter. Guests seated in the suites or the West Mezzanine Club and Corona Beach Club may sign up at any Concierge Desk. This program is sponsored by Anheuser-Busch in partnership with Delaware North Companies – Sportservice and the HERO campaign to encourage our guests to drink responsibly while attending an event at the Stadium.

Guests over the age of 21 who pledge not to drink while at the event will earn a free non-alcoholic beverage and are entered to win an assortment of prizes including the chance to win a trip to the Pro Bowl or Super Bowl!

Disturbances in the Stands

The MetLife Stadium Guest Code of Conduct prohibits guests from detracting from another guest’s enjoyment of the event through disturbances in the stands. Please be attentive to potential issues and bring them to the attention of the nearest event team member and any Guest Services Booth.  

Guests who wish to report issues or concerns, ask for information or call for assistance in a fast, easy and convenient way can do so by calling 201-559-1515 or texting "Alert MLS" to 848261 (message and data rates may apply) SMS Terms & Conditions. Stadium personnel will respond quickly and accordingly.

Drones, model aircraft, kites, and any other remote controlled or tethered flying objects are not permitted on the Sports Complex property or inside MetLife Stadium.




Elevators for guests with disabilities are available in MetLife Stadium at the HCLTech, Verizon, and Pepsi corners of the stadium. There are also elevators at both premium seating entrances located on the east and west sides of the stadium to access the West Mezzanine Club and Corona Beach Club and the suites.

Emergency Situation

If you see any kind of emergency, please remain calm and report as much information as possible to the nearest event team member. The event team is well trained in emergency procedures. In the event of an emergency, please follow the instructions of our team and any announcements broadcast over the public address system. Watch our Evacuation Video


Public escalators are located at the Bud Light, HCLTech, Verizon, MetLife, and Pepsi entrances.


MetLife Stadium has a policy of no exchanges or refunds for tickets to all events.




From time to time, the use of pyrotechnics may be part of events presented at the stadium. The use of fireworks by guests is strictly prohibited at MetLife Stadium and in the parking lots. Guests found in possession of or using fireworks/pyrotechnics are subject to ejection from the Stadium or Complex without refund, possible loss of season tickets/PSLs and may also be in violation of municipal law resulting in possible arrest and prosecution.

First Aid

The Medical team is made up of trained doctors, nurses and EMTs who are on-site to provide basic and emergency medical services for our guests. The First Aid rooms are located near Sections 103, 128, 301 and 326, on the Service Level in the Bud Light corner and additional response teams are located throughout the Stadium. The Medical Team is also able to assist guests with basic over-the-counter medical needs such as aspirin and band-aids.


Official national flags that can reasonably be hand-held by a single person and do not obstruct the view of other guests are permitted in the Stadium (no sticks or poles) for soccer games. Flags, banners, and signs of any kind are not permitted at NFL games. For concerts, please check the Know Before You Go for specific guidelines.

Flex Scheduling (NFL Events)

The NFL utilizes flexible scheduling for games during Weeks 5-17. These games are eligible to be moved into different time slots. Season ticket holders will be notified of any changes via an e-mails from the teams. Game time changes will also be posted on the team and Stadium websites.



Gate Opening Times

For most events, including NFL games, the gates to the stadium will open two hours prior to the event. Please visit the specific event detail page to confirm gate opening times..

Gift Cards

Ticketmaster-issued gift cards are not accepted at MetLife Stadium.  MetLife Stadium Gift Cards are accepted at any concession stand or retail location. New York Jets Game Day Gift Cards are accepted on Jets game days and during other non-NFL events. For more information, please call 201-559-1629.

Green Initiatives

The team at MetLife Stadium places a strong focus on making operational choices to protect the environment including the use of recycled materials during construction, in-house composting, recycling, energy savings, and installation of a solar ring. For more information, guests may visit Sustainability.

Guest Interference

In the interest of player and guest safety, MetLife Stadium maintains a zero tolerance policy regarding fan interference with a ball in play or a player during the game. Failure to comply with this policy will result in immediate ejection from MetLife Stadium, possible arrest and/or loss of season tickets/PSL.

Guest Services Booths

There are eight permanent and seven portable Guest Services Booth locations throughout MetLife Stadium.  Portable booths are located outside and inside the Verizon and Pepsi Gates, and inside the HCLTech and MetLife Gates.  Permanent booths can be found near sections 124, 149, 227, 249, 303, 324, 328 and 349.  The Guest Services Representatives have been trained to handle guests’ questions, comments and concerns.

The team members in these booths are also able to provide assistance with the following items:

  • Fulfilling any special need or request from any guest
  • Stadium Maps, policy details, etc.
  • Identification bracelets
  • Lost and found
  • Lost children/parents
  • Seating and assistance arrangements for guests with disabilities (including Assistive Listening Devices) and all other re-seating requests
  • Translators




Please visit the official website of the Meadowlands Liberty Convention and Tourism Bureau at For assistance while at an event, please visit the nearest Guest Services Booth for assistance.



Identification Bracelets

MetLife Stadium provides I.D. bracelets to children identifying their seat location to assist in reuniting them with their parents/guardians in the event they becomes separated.  Guests interested in this service may visit any Guest Services Booth.



Legacy Club

Legacy Club presented by Hackensack Meridian Health.

The New York Football Giants Legacy Club, located behind Section 143, is an interactive museum open to all guests from gate opening through halftime during New York Football Giants home games.

Lost and Found

If you find an item while attending a game, please give it to any event team member or drop it off at any Guest Services Booth. Guests looking to claim or report lost items during an event should visit any Guest Services Booth. Guests inquiring about lost items at previous events should contact the Guest Services Hotline at 201-559-1515 or via email at [email protected]. Items lost at prior events are held in a locked storage area for 30 days and are then either disposed of or donated to an appropriate charitable organization.

Lost Children/Parents

Lost children and parents can be reunited by contacting any event team member or the nearest Guest Services Booth. Parents who would like to participate in the free kids’ ID bracelet program which helps in reuniting lost children should visit the nearest Guest Services Booth. Please see “Identification Bracelets.”



Medical Services

Please see “First Aid.”


There are numerous retail locations and kiosks located throughout MetLife Stadium.

Fixed and portable stores may be found next to MetLife West Hall, the East Hall and near Sections 103, 109, 117, 124, 128, 133, 144, 149, 201, 217, 226, 235, 301, 316, 321, 326, 336, 345, and outside the MetLife, Verizon, and Moody's Gates.




For the comfort of the guests around them and to maintain the integrity of the events, guests coming to MetLife Stadium are asked to refrain from bringing any type of noisemaker or musical instrument into the stadium. This includes air horns, vuvuzelas and any type of whistle.

Nursing Stations

MetLife Stadium has several accommodations for nursing mothers. A nursing station is located outside of section 143/142 on the plaza level. Please see a nearby Guest Services Team Member for access.

Additionally, there are Mamava nursing pods in the HCLTech Gate elevator lobby on the 200 concourse, near section 249a/250a, and near section 117/118. All locations are accessible by key code access, obtained from any Guest Services Team Member.



P/A Announcements

Please be attentive of P/A announcements in the facility. In the event of an emergency, instructions for guests will be transmitted over the P/A system and on the video boards.


The MetLife Sports Complex has approximately 27,500 parking spaces in total on both the east and west sides of the Complex. Parking prices will vary by event. Parking fees may be paid via cash, credit card or pre-paid permit. 
For NFL game parking information, visit NFL Parking. For all other event parking information visit Event Parking.




Guests may bring a small portable radio as long as they listen to the device with an earpiece and do not disturb other guests sitting nearby.  They may be asked to power on the device during the security screening process.


There are two ramps in the stadium which access all levels of the Stadium. They may be found in either end-zone.

Re-Entry Policy

MetLife Stadium has a no re-entry policy for most Stadium events, including New York Football Giants games. During New York Jets games, guest may re-enter up to one hour prior to kickoff. For other select events, adjustments to this policy may be in place. Please see the nearest gate event team member for more information. 

Guests in the West Mezzanine Club and Corona Beach Club may leave and re-enter their ticketed locations only when the individual’s ticket is scanned. Suite guests must also obtain a pass to return to the suite floors when visiting the general seating areas. All premium seating guests must present their tickets when re-entering the club or suite level.


The EPA has certified MetLife Stadium as the “greenest” NFL stadium. MetLife Stadium encourages all guests to reduce, reuse and recycle. The recycling program at MetLife Stadium includes recycling containers in all parking lots, all security checkpoint locations, as well as along all Stadium concourses and in all premium areas. Please check the signage on the recycling containers to help our guests in recycling the proper items such as plastic, glass and aluminum.  In addition, MetLife Stadium has a robust Parking Lot Recycling Program.  Our tailgate patrol hands out blue bags in the parking lots for fans to deposit their recyclable materials.  While fans are enjoying the event, our team collects the bags, leaving the parking lots clear before fans exit the Stadium.  Please help keep MetLife Stadium beautiful and protect our future!


Numerous restrooms are located throughout the facility all of which are accessible for our guests with disabilities.

Guests at MetLife Stadium may use the restroom that corresponds to their gender identity and/or expression.  Should any guest prefer privacy or a non-gender specified restroom, they may use one of the Family Restrooms (single-stall) located throughout the stadium.  Guests Services representatives and Security are posted throughout the stadium to help any guests requiring  assistance.

Family Restrooms are located in the following areas:

General Seating Bowl
Plaza Level: MetLife West Hall near sections 134 and 143
100 Concourse: near sections 104, 108, 118, 123, 128, and 149
200 Concourse: near sections 207a, 220a, 232a, and 245a
300 Concourse: near sections 318, 333, and 345

Suite Levels
Suite Level 3: Outside suites 3-07, 3-21, 3-55 and 3-74
Suite Level 5: Outside suites 5-03, 5-36, 5-54 and 5-85
Suite Level 6: Outside suites 6-03, 6-37 and 6-53
West Mezzanine Club: 244
Corona Beach Club: 208

Guests in the general seating bowl may request family restroom access from the Guest Service Representative in the corresponding section.

Reverse ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines)

MetLife Stadium is now a cash-free venue for all concession and retail locations. Cash is not accepted at concession stands or retail locations. For guests who bring cash to the stadium, reverse ATMs are available onsite to load cash onto a prepaid Visa debit card valid for in-stadium purchases. This service is free of charge to guests. The Visa debit card has no expiration date and can be used anywhere a Visa debit card is accepted. Reverse ATMs are located in MetLife West Hall and sections 117, 128, 149, 220a, 245a, 304, 322, 334 and 347.


A designated Rideshare Zone is located in Lot E off of West Peripheral Road, right outside of the Verizon Gate. When you request a ride from a rideshare service such as Lyft or Uber at MetLife Stadium, your pickup location will default to a pin in the pickup zone. Once you place your request, head to the Rideshare Zone in Lot E and look out for a call or text from your driver to let you know which row they are parked in.
Be advised that rideshare surge pricing is often in effect after the game and larger crowds will result in longer than usual wait times (potentially over an hour wait) for a car to arrive and considerably higher prices than what you paid coming to the Stadium. You may want to consider using mass transit, especially if you are travelling back to NYC. Please make sure your phone is charged and ready to go if you’re planning to use one of these services!


Guests are at their own risk with respect to the dangers incidental to football games and other events whether occurring prior to, during, or after the actual game or event. MetLife Stadium, the teams and our promoters are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property.




Scalping is defined as the resale of tickets for more than 20% over face value or $3 over face value, whichever is greater. Scalping of tickets is not permitted on MetLife Sports Complex or the roadways that service the property. Please report any potential scalping activity to the nearest Safety Services Representative or New Jersey State Police.

Search Procedures

To ensure the highest level of safety and security, all guests will be subject to a courteous screening upon entry by Safety Services Representatives which, on occasion, may include a pat-down screening by a same-gender team member. All bags and vehicles will be subject to inspection upon entry. Persons that refuse to be patted down and/or refuse to have their bags or vehicle inspected will not be admitted.

By presenting your ticket or credential to Safety Services Representatives, you consent to such inspections and waive any and all related claims that you might have against MetLife Stadium, the teams and promoters. Alcohol, weapons, or any items the Safety Services Representatives deem dangerous will be confiscated.  Illegal items will be turned over to the New Jersey State Police and may result in arrest and prosecution.

Sensory Inclusion

MetLife Stadium has partnered with Kulture City in an effort to provide a more inclusive and comfortable experience for our guests with sensory processing needs. Our team members are trained and certified to recognize opportunities to assist these guests in their enjoyment of our events. We also offer sensory bags containing noise-cancelling headphones brought to you by Bose, fidget toys and weighted lap pads among other resources for checkout at any Guest Service Booth or Concierge Desk located through the Stadium. For further information or assistance, please contact our Guest Services Department at (201) 559-1515.


In accordance with New Jersey State law, MetLife Stadium is SMOKE-FREESmoking is permitted along the fence line on the Plaza Level. Guests may not smoke in the East Hall or MetLife West Hall area or on/near the base of the stairways, ramps or escalators.  Guests smoking electronic cigarettes are asked to adhere to the same policy.

Solicitation / Sampling / Peddling

Guests should be aware that the distribution of banners, booklets, business cards, circulars, commercial advertising, flyers, folders, handbills, leaflets, notices, pamphlets, posters, stickers or any other written, printed and/or painted materials is prohibited on the MetLife Sports Complex, in MetLife Stadium and within its parking lots without the explicit written permission of the event presenter, the teams or the team at MetLife Stadium. This includes any exchange of money while on the complex including the solicitation for donations to charities, teams or clubs and sale or peddling of any product/food/drink. Any guest who persists in soliciting while on the MetLife Sports Complex property will be subject to ejection or, as necessary, arrest.


There are 10 stairways in the Stadium, 5 on the East Side and 5 on the West Side. Please note that the stairways in the corners of the building will access all levels of the stadium. There is NO SMOKING permitted on any stairway.


Strollers are not permitted into the stadium. Strollers should be left in cars or checked in at the bag check facility for a $5 fee per stroller.



Text Messaging

Guests who wish to report issues or concerns, ask for information or call for assistance in a fast, easy and convenient way can do so by texting "Alert MLS" to 848261. Message and data rates may apply. SMS Terms & Conditions Stadium personnel will respond quickly and accordingly.


A limited number of translators are available on an event day. Interested guests should inquire at the nearest Guest Services Booth.

TTY Machines

A TTY telephone is also available in the Guest Services Booth located in Section 149.




For safety and line-of-sight reasons, umbrellas are not allowed in MetLife Stadium. Please leave umbrellas in your car or check them at the Bag Check Facility prior to entering the stadium.

Unauthorized Transmission of Game

No person admitted to the stadium shall transmit or aid in the transmission of any description, account, picture or reproduction of any event conducted in the park unless expressly authorized by MetLife Stadium, New York Football Giants, New York Jets, the National Football League or the promoters of non-NFL events.



Video Boards Messages

Guests are not able to place messages on the video display boards during events at MetLife Stadium.

Video Recording

NFL and promoter policies prohibit the recording of any live event at MetLife Stadium. Any guest found to be recording any part of an event may be subject to ejection or arrest.

Visiting Team Guests

Fans of the visiting teams are guests as well.  Verbal or physical harassment of the fans of the visiting team or their guests will be considered unruly behavior and may lead to ejection, loss of season tickets/PSLs or possible arrest.



Water Fountains

Water fountains are conveniently located throughout the stadium on each level outside each set of restrooms. All fountains are accessible to guests with disabilities.


101-102, 107-108, 117-118, 126-128, 133-134 (Plaza Level), 143-144 (Plaza Level)


201-249 near women’s restroom, 204-205 near men’s restroom, 224-225 near women’s restroom, 228-229 near men’s restroom


303-304, 309-310, 314-315, 317-318, 323-324, 328-329, 334-335, 340-341, 343-344, 348-349

Weather Delays

Weather delays for NFL events are unusual.  Lightning, strong winds, and heavy snowfall may delay or postpone a game or event. In the event of a weather-related evacuation or relocation, please listen to the instructions of the stadium team members.  We encourage all guests attending events at MetLife Stadium to follow us on our Social Media accounts for announcements concerning weather delays.

MetLife Stadium has a free WiFi Network for our guests:     #MetLifeStadium_Free_Wifi


Ticketmaster will-call is available at any open ticket window. Guests who are picking up tickets at will-call will need picture ID, their confirmation number and the credit card with which the tickets were purchased in order to pick up the tickets.  For select events, specialty will-call may vary. Please see the nearest team member for details.



Zero Tolerance

MetLife Stadium, the Giants and Jets reserve the right to revoke the season tickets and Personal Seat License of those individuals whose conduct is determined inappropriate as defined by the Guest Code of Conduct or who violate the law.  Please be aware that the season ticket holder is accountable for the conduct of his or her guest.