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Tailgating Policies

Drones, model aircraft, kites, and any other remote controlled or tethered flying objects are not permitted on the Sports Complex.

  • We ask that guests consume alcohol responsibly at all times. Guests determined to be impaired in advance of entering the stadium will not be allowed in and risk prosecution.
  • Except if otherwise designated, tailgating is permitted in all MetLife Sports Complex parking lots.  The use of grills and other heating devices are not allowed in the parking decks. Individuals and companies are prohibited from selling access to a tailgate party while on the premises to members of the general public. Unauthorized commercial tailgating and marketing activities are strictly prohibited.
  • For Non-NFL Events, parking is available on a first-come first-served basis. For NFL Games, parking is pre-paid and is available on a first come first serve basis determined by parking tier. (i.e. Premium, Reserved, General, etc.)
  • ONE CAR = ONE SPACE: Please be considerate of your fellow guests. Tailgating should be limited to the lined parking space and the area directly behind or in front of each vehicle. Blocking drive lanes is prohibited. Tailgating is also permitted on the medians that separate the parking lots from the roadways. Stadium tailgate patrol will manage the enforcement of the one car-one parking space policy. See tailgating diagram.
  • Please keep all tables, chairs, coolers, barbecues, etc. within the area near your vehicle and the parking stall of your party. Tents or canopies exceeding an 8’ x 8’ footprint and vehicles measuring more than 18’ in length and/or 8’ in width are not permitted to park in a lined parking space.
  • Saving parking spaces will not be permitted. Groups desiring to tailgate together should plan to meet in advance and arrive together.
  • A guest in possession of more than one pre-paid parking permit will not be allowed to use the additional permit(s) to occupy an increased number of spaces for tailgating. Lined parking spaces are for vehicles, not tailgate activities.
  • Drive aisles and fire lanes need to be kept clear at all times for free access of emergency vehicles.
  • Trucks, trailers and other oversized vehicles (not including buses) will be directed to park along the curbs in the parking lots so they do not take up additional lined parking spaces. Please arrive early to find a location along the curb or in another location in which your vehicle will not occupy more than one parking space.
  • Any violation of law or tailgating policies may result in the towing of the vehicle at the owner’s expense, loss of parking permit, and/or ejection.
  • Grills are permitted for tailgating enjoyment, provided guests do so at a safe distance from their vehicle. Use of grills near buildings or in areas where other guests or property may be damaged is strictly prohibited. The disposal of hot coals in open parking spaces, under vehicles, or next to parked vehicles is prohibited.
  • Open fires are not permitted.
  • Deep fryers or any oil-based cooking or frying is prohibited.
  • Sound systems must not produce sound in excess of 65 decibels (NJ State Ordinance). Anyone using a sound system must face the system towards their vehicle and not in the direction of other guests to avoid causing a negative experience to others not included in the group. 
  • Ticketholders who choose to ride the rail, bus, or just want to experience the tailgating atmosphere can take advantage of the special pre-game activity zones within the plazas adjacent to MetLife Stadium. A variety of food, games, entertainment, and activities for adults and children will be available in the plaza areas. For New York Giants and New York Jets games, the Bud Light Beer Garden will be open in Lot F. 
  • Ticket holders should cross roadways at the designated crosswalks and should not walk on the active roadways that lead to and from the Sports Complex.

Trash and Hot Charcoal Disposal

  • Trash receptacles are located throughout the Sports Complex parking lots and near the entrances to the stadium. Please bag and dispose of your trash to make it safer for vehicles exiting the Sports Complex after the game.
  • For your safety and convenience, hot coal bins have been provided for the disposal of charcoal. These large, orange "hot charcoal" bins are located on the islands/paved areas between the parking lots. Please do not discard hot coals near vehicles or in plastic waste receptacles.


Tailgating Diagrams


Parking Lot Guidelines

Parking lot guidelines have been established in order to create a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests. All vehicles and bags that enter MetLife Sports Complex property and MetLife Stadium may be subject to a visual search.

Violation of Parking Policies: Ticket holders who violate the Parking Policies can lose their parking privileges, be prohibited from entering the stadium, and could possibly lose their PSLs.

ALCOHOL GUIDELINES: All New Jersey alcohol consumption and distribution laws will be strictly enforced by NJ State Police and MetLife Stadium Staff.

TICKET RESALE: Ticket reselling is not authorized on MetLife Sports Complex property. Be aware that tickets purchased from sources other than MetLife Stadium, Giants, Jets or an authorized ticket outlet may be counterfeit and may not be accepted. This includes the reselling of parking permits on the roadways leading into MetLife Sports Complex.

VENDING / SOLICITATION: Unauthorized soliciting or the collection of contributions, vending, distribution of flyers, or other materials is not permitted.

Violating parking lot guidelines may result in ejection from MetLife Sports Complex property, arrest and the revocation of tickets and parking passes.

Catering Rules + Regulations

  • Outside catering companies are not permitted on the Sports Complex.
  • Delaware North Company is the official food service provider/caterer for MetLife Stadium.
  • To schedule a catered event, please contact Delaware North Company at (201) 559-1642.
  • Illegal sales and organized distribution of food and beverages on MetLife Sports Complex is prohibited. Individuals participating in such activities are subject to loss of parking privileges, arrest and possible fines.

The following are prohibited at MetLife Sports Complex:

Drones, model aircraft, kites, any other remote controlled or tethered flying objects are not permitted.

  • Bicycles, Skateboards, Rollerblading, Motorized scooters, Go-karts, Mini bikes
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Fireworks
  • Drones, model aircraft, kites, any other remote controlled or tethered flying objects 
  • Solicitation of any kind
  • Selling access to a tailgate party to members of the general public either in advance of or on the day of an event.
  • Selling of products or merchandise.
  • Banners or signage recognizing businesses or products may not be displayed.
  • The placing of flyers/brochures on vehicles
  • Ball playing in the parking lots and roadways.

Portable Toilets

Portable toilets are located throughout the Sports Complex parking lots. Portable toilets for guests with disabilities are available in Parking Lots E, F and G.