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Live Traffic and Parking Information @MetLifeStadium


A designated Rideshare Zone is located in Lot E off of West Peripheral Road, right outside of the Verizon Gate. When you request a ride from a rideshare service such as Lyft or Uber at MetLife Stadium, your pickup location will default to a pin in the pickup zone. Once you place your request, head to the Rideshare Zone in Lot E and look out for a call or text from your driver to let you know which row they are parked in.

Be advised that rideshare surge pricing is often in effect after the game and larger crowds will result in longer than usual wait times (potentially over an hour wait) for a car to arrive and considerably higher prices than what you paid coming to the Stadium. You may want to consider using NJ TRANSIT, especially if you are traveling back to NYC. Please make sure your phone is charged and ready to go if you’re planning to use one of these services!

See map below for Rideshare Zone Location.

 MetLife Stadium Parking Map_2023 (5-13-24)