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NFL Parking Information

For NFL Gamedays, parking permits are required for all vehicles entering the Sports Complex (Stadium and Arena parking lots).

Drones, model aircraft, kites, any other remote controlled or tethered flying objects are not permitted.


  • View the parking site map for the New York Giants.
  • View the parking site map for the New York Jets.
  • Parking permits must be displayed at all times while on the Sports Complex; they can be hung from the rear view mirror or they can be placed on the dashboard of the vehicle.
  • Parking permits only grant the ticket holder access to the Sports Complex parking lots. They do not entitle the ticket holder to a reserved parking space in a specific parking lot.
  • The parking permit entitles the ticket holder to one parking space for his/her vehicle and tailgate set-up. Adjacent parking spaces may not be used for grills, chairs, tents etc.
  • A ticket holder who may be in possession of more than one pre-paid parking permit will not be allowed to use adjacent spaces for tailgating.
  • Parking permits will not be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed.

The numbers on the permits are for informational purposes only and do not guarantee a reserved spot in a specific lot.

NFL Ticket Exchange

For New York Giants games, guests may purchase a pre-paid permit via the Ticketmaster NFL Ticket Exchange.  After choosing which game you will attend, click on ‘”Show Parking Tickets”.  Passes are labeled “GA” or “VIP.” 

  • The “GA” permit allows access into any “Blue” Lot  (every lot except E, F or G)
  • The “VIP” permit allows access into any “Red” Lot (Lots E, F or G) 

For New York Jets games, guests may purchase a pre-paid permit via Ticketmaster by searching for “Jets Parking.”  The permits sold here are for any Orange Lot (Lot P and all lots near the Arena).  New York Jets guests may also use the Ticketmaster NFL Ticket Exchange.  Guests will want to click on ‘”Show Parking Tickets” after reaching the page for the game they are attending.  Passes are labeled “ORGA,” “YELL,” or “GREEN.” 

  • Green Permits allow access into any of the Green, Yellow, or Orange Lots but are specific to Lots E, F or G.
  • Yellow Permits allow guests into any Yellow or Orange Lots but are specific to Lots B, D, J, L or M
  • Orange Permits allow guest into any Orange Lots but are specific to Lots  K, P and all open lots near the Arena

Ample parking is available at the Sports Complex, but ticket holders are urged to consider taking mass transit (train or bus) or carpool if possible. This will reduce the demand for parking, improve the ingress and egress for all patrons, and also benefit the environment.


Parking for Guests without Pre-Paid Permits

Guests without prepaid permits may also park at the off-site lot located at 20 Murray Hill Parkway, East Rutherford, NJ 07073 for $40 (cash/credit card accepted). Shuttle service will be provided to and from MetLife Stadium.

Charter Bus Parking / Taxi’s + Limos

  • Charter bus parking will be located in Parking Lot L. Traffic and Parking personnel will direct the drivers of charter buses to Lot L. Owners of oversized vehicles or those traveling on buses do not require a pre-paid parking permit to enter the Sports Complex, but if they do have a pre-paid parking permit they will only have to pay the difference (cash or credit card) between the parking rate and the charge for the vehicle they are travelling in. Owners of oversized vehicles will be directed to park in either parking lot L or a location deemed appropriate by MetLife Stadium Company and Central Parking System Management

Taxis and Limousines Drop-Off and Pick Up Area

  • The designated area for all drop offs and pickups is between parking lots E + D. There is curb space along the roadway that provides a safe area to facilitate pre-event drop offs and post-event pickups.
  • If a limousine or taxi driver has a pre-paid parking permit, the vehicle will be permitted to enter the Sports Complex after paying an additional fee with either a credit card or cash, but will not be permitted to park in striped parking spaces if the vehicle takes up more than one parking space or will obstruct the drive aisle. The limousine or taxi needs to be parked along a curb or in a location that does not block traffic and the driver must remain with the car. Owners of oversized vehicles will be directed to park in either parking lot L or a location deemed appropriate by MetLife Stadium and Central Parking System Management.